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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Original art, portraits and prints

Original art, portraits and prints

Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Digital and Print media artist.


Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Digital and Print media artist.


About ME


My art has emerged from my personal journey through mental health difficulties and the use of art therapies as an outlet to overcome and understand life’s challenges.

My artworks include watercolour and ink brightly coloured animals, oil and acrylic portraits and digital painting. All my artworks use a strong sense of colour to invoke emotions with an emphasis on the silver linings we can find in the midst of suffering. I often depict what I see around me using light, dark and contrasting colours to give the viewer a glimpse of how life looks to me.

About JAM


JAM is a collaboration of three artists myself 'J', Alana Kay's Creative 'A' and Mel's Creations 'M'. Together we attend market's and fete's throughout Victoria selling our creations.

Head on over to events to find where we'll be next and come say Hi!

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